Finding-a-Way are your Coffee Consultants assisting
your business in benchmarking coffee quality,
workflow, systems and efficiencies.

Paul Mannassis

Chief Coffee Judge Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

Chair of Judges - Coffee
Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

Chair of Judges


Paul Mannassis, our Principal of Finding-a-Way is currently the chief coffee judge at the prestigious Royal Agricultural Society of NSW. He has been evaluating, judging and critiquing coffee for the past eleven years. Our dedicated team of consultants have a lifetime of hospitality, retail and coffee roasting expertise.

Our consulting services extend from coffee evaluation, onsite consultation and analysis, coffee bar set up right through to coffee blend development and contract roasting.

Chief Coffee Judge - Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

Chair of Judges - Coffee RAS of NSW

Chair of Judges - Coffee RAS of NSW

about us

Having worked for a local coffee roaster in Melbourne for 14 years I decided to start up my own coffee label called "4 blend". I needed to source an industry expert who can assist me in developing 4 blend into a reputable coffee brand and take care of all the roasting and quality control. Finding A Way Coffee Consultants were highly recommended through an industry colleague who said Paul Mannassis is the person that will help you, he has a wealth of experience and is highly regarded amongst industry peers.

John Detsikas "4 blend"


Coffee quality
and analysis

Paul Mannassis is the Chief Coffee Judge at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and has ten years of coffee competition judging experience. We can offer you accurate analysis of your coffee and where it stands in today's market.

Private blend

We have an extensive range of individual coffees from various coffee growing regions. We have the expertise in understanding the different flavour profile each origin displays and more importantly how to blend these together to suit your target market.

Contract roasting

Our roasting team has more than 76 years combined roasting expertise and can assure you of a consistent roast day in day out. We currently service clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.

Onsite analysis

Our consulting officer Paul Mannassis has a life time of retail and food service expertise. He will personally provide you with onsite consultation, evaluate your coffee quality, fixtures, overall service and work flow. He will also prepare reports about your existing space limitations and recommend areas of improvement.

Café set up/layout
logistics and

One of our consultants will work with either yourself
or your interior designer on store layout, streamlining
workflow and customer traffic, signage/branding,
merchandise display and coffee flavour profile

Is your business lacking that
buzz and vibe it used to have?

Are your coffee and staff
out of sync?

If so, then let one of our Finding-a-Way consultants show you how to further develop your business by streamlining workflow, systems and efficiencies and improve your position in this ever changing competitive market.



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